Daddy’s Little Riders is a family owned and operated business by Paul W. Brown III. Paul has been riding over 20 years and has logged unprecedented hours on a motorcycle.  Paul has competed in the Champion Cup Race Series (CCS) in 2004 riding a 2003 Gsxr 1000 he personally built.  After having a family, Paul continued his quest and downsized to minimoto in 2010.  In 2014, Paul was the 2014 Champion in the premier 150cc and 100cc classes in the SandyHook Mini GP Series. Additionally, Paul has competed in the Ohio, New Jersey, and Middle Georgia series, winning pole positions as well.  Aside from riding, Paul earned his MBA in 2008 with a background in business and technology.  Paul discovered an opportunity with providing a service to our youth and decided to follow his passion. With two more kids coming down the pipeline, this is a family endeavor with everyone playing a vital role in the success of the business.

Kamya Brown is 13 years old and a Rider Coach who not only serves as a mentor, but someone the kids can relate too.  Kamya has been riding since she was 4 years old and holds 2 Championship titles in both youth classes in the Sandyhook MiniMoto Race Series. 



rider Mentor


Daddy’s Little Riders (DLR) creates lasting memories for our little riders.  We accomplish this by providing instruction, bikes, safety equipment and most of all fun.  DLR is in the business of creating smiles.  Our customers are #1 and we strive to make every moment; safe, fun and memorable for years to come.  We work with ages 5 and up and we teach the fundamentals of operating a motorbike.  For kids, riding a motorbike can instill values that will help them later in life. Values such as: safety, discipline, self-esteem, awareness, concentration, focus, balance, control, respect and self-confidence.  With our expert staff, great equipment and years of experience, DLR will provide a fun and unique learning experience for all involved. Click Here and we will answer any questions you have.

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"Youth Riding Clinic"