Is my child ready to ride?

1. Are they really interested?  A kid who makes incessant motorcycle sounds at 2-1/2 might be ready, while a six-year old with a passing interest may not be.  You want to avoid forcing riding on a kid who doesn't want it. That will only turn them off.

2. Avoidance skills.  The child needs to be able to steer around obstacles, either on a bicycle or tricycle.

3. Hand strength.  The kid needs to have the strength to apply the brakes and steadily apply the throttle before they can be expected to do so reliably and safely.

4. Coordination.  How are the child's reflexes

5. Patience. A kid must be able to maintain the proper level of focus to operate a motorcycle. Regardless of their physical abilities, if they can't concentrate, they won't be able to use those abilities properly.

Publishing credit: American Motorcyclist Association

What time should I arrive?
8:30 a.m

Where are your classes held?
Our Classes are held at Sandyhook Speed Way and Unitied Karting   

What is the minimum age for participation?

What is the maximum age for participation?
There is no maximum age, however, we reserve the right to make changes if we feel safety is being compromised. 

If my child brings his/her own gear and bike is there a discount?
No, discounts are already reflected in pricing, Click Pricing for more details.

Do you provide safety gear?
Yes, we provide helmet, chest protector, elbow pads and knee pads for youth (
Boots are Not Included, Rider is responsible

          for their boots and boots means Anything that covers the ankles. Please wear jeans and long sleeve shirt)

Does my child need to know how to ride a pedal bike first?
Encouraged, however, we have training wheels at no extra cost.

What will my child learn?
Click Curriculum to find out what your child will learn

How many children will participate at any given time?
Ideally we like to keep class sizes small (1-3 kids) in order to give youth riders our undivided attention and personalized                 expertise.

How much time do the children actually ride?
Typically 3-4 hours taking verbal instruction, breaks, and practical riding into account.

Is this safe?
Yes, safety is paramount.  Our bikes are governed and operated on a closed course and kids have safety gear and will

          reach top speeds slightly faster than a power wheels.

What type of bike will the children ride on?
Honda CRF 50cc – no clutch and child is not required to shift!

Do you teach adults?
Yes.  However, this is considered a private coaching session.  Please Click on Pricing for more info on private

         coaching sessions.

Do you have 1 on 1 lessons?
Yes, please Click on Pricing for more info on private coaching sessions.

Do you host parties?
Yes, however, we have space guidelines for those looking to host a party at their place of residence or                      

          somewhere else.  Please click Here and contact us for more information.

Where can I purchase safety gear?
You can purchase safety gear at Ellicott City Motorsports, The Service Pavillion

Where can I purchase a bike?
Ellicott City Motorsports, The Service Pavillion

How long will it take my child to learn how to ride?
Learning how to ride all depends on the individual.  Some learn in less than 2 hours and others learn after several weeks.

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